What is the role of The Lifetime SIPP Company Ltd?
The Lifetime SIPP Company Ltd (Lifetime) was created to provide self-invested personal pensions to clients of Professional Advisers that are duly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our core product, The Lifetime SIPP, is only available through such  Professional Advisers on a fully advised basis and we do not offer individual investment advice to their clients

Why is your SIPP only available through selected Professional Advisers?
Our adopted business strategy is to develop and maintain effective and professional relationships with manageable numbers of designated 'Business Partners'. This allows us to deliver undiluted standards of service and support to our Business Partners and their valued clients at all times.

Can you remind me what a SIPP has to offer?
As advisers know and the name suggests, a SIPP is a pension arrangement in which the individual has more control over how much they contribute and where pension savings are invested than would be the case with a conventional scheme. This freedom to make investment choices from a wider range of options brings opportunities but also risks.

Is there something special about your SIPP service?
We believe so. Designed for flexibility, The Lifetime SIPP enables investment in assets such as quoted collective investment funds and cash deposits. Investments allowable under HMRC pension rules can usually be held in The Lifetime SIPP.

Are all The Lifetime SIPP plans essentially the same?
No. The Elective SIPP permits self-investment at minimal cost, and includes an investment element and The Optimum SIPP provides maximum investment flexibility. An upgrade incurs no extra set-up fee if a plan has been running for at least six months.

Will all administration processes be undertaken by you?
The day-to-day administration of our SIPPs is provided for us under a service agreement by our third-party administration company Hartley SAS Ltd (HSAS), which began administering schemes some 30 years ago. HSAS is a long-standing member of the Association of Member-Directed Pension Schemes.

How much can be paid into a SIPP plan?
Contributions with tax relief is permitted up to the higher of £3,600 gross a year or  100% of UK Net relevant earnings – up to the annual allowance (currently £40,000 until 5th April 2017). The total fund must not exceed the lifetime allowance, £1 million from 2016/17, or a tax charge of up to 55% may apply to the surplus, unless HMRC has granted the client 'protection' from this.

Can  Professional Advisers and their clients expect some added services?
In addition to offering a 'white label' option, we provide our Business Partners with  viewing access to their clients SIPP bank accounts. This gives them, and of course the client, details of the client's SIPP transactions, derived from the information supplied to us. A Scheme Summary is issued to the Professional Adviser once all the initial funds have been received into the SIPP and the client will received annual Scheme  statements thereafter.

What are the options when a SIPP investor enters retirement?
Taking SIPP benefits is also flexible. When the client decides to retire, or just slow down a bit, the Lifetime SIPP lets them take their pension commencement lump sum and then either purchase an annuity, with part or all of the balance of the fund, or draw an income directly from the fund. They can opt to 'crystallise' benefits in stages after they turn 55.

How do I set up an agency with you?
You need to be a suitably FCA regulated adviser/company and we will require our Terms of Business fully completed, signed and returned to us together with a copy of each relevant advisers statement of professional standing and fee tariff.

Do you provide Key Feature Illustrations?
Lifetime has partnered with Aries and can provide any of their Professional advisers their own login access to Aries Key Features Illustration system for Lifetime SIPP New Business quotes and projections of benefits. To gain access we will require an agency to be established and the Aries Terms and Conditions to be completed signed and returned to us.

Who can the client contact if they have a complaint regarding The Lifetime SIPP Company Limited or their product?
If the client has a complaint please contact:
Robin Hooper, Chief Executive
8th Floor, 25 Marsh Street
Tel: 0117 316 9944
Email: RobinHooper@thelifetimesipp.com

If they wish to pursue any particular issue further, they can contact the Financial Ombudsman:
Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall
London E14 9SR
Tel: 0300 1239123
Email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

If the client's SIPP was established via Lifetime's Online Application system, the client can also pursue a compliant via the Online Dispute Resolution Platform:

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