Why choose Lifetime?

The Lifetime SIPP is an HMRC registered pension scheme, so it provides a tax-exempt environment for your clients' pension savings, allowing funds to grow free of capital gains tax. Within HMRC pensions legislation requirements, a SIPP allows flexibility of contribution amounts, where pension monies can be invested and how benefits are taken.

As professional advisers know, it has for some time been possible to choose a self-invested occupational or personal pension, but the rules covering SSASs and SIPPs were complex. Following rule 'simplification' in April 2006, few differences remain and a SIPP offers ample flexibility and control over investments to satisfy most client needs.

We are totally dedicated to providing a first class administration service to our Business Partners and their clients. We employ Hartley SAS Limited (HSAS) to provide the day-to-day administration of your clients' SIPPs and this arrangement is backed up by a legally enforceable service arrangement between us and HSAS.

There is also a new generation of SIPP-allowable investments arriving on the market. We offer to review any potential new investments and we will advise whether or not we will allow them within The Lifetime SIPP. This investment review is available by contacting us on 0117 316 9944.

Taking benefits under The Lifetime SIPP is also remarkably flexible. The Pension Commencement Lump Sum is up to 25% of the fund value and is currently tax free. Your clients can decide to crystallise benefits in stages from age 55, whether through annuity purchase, capped drawdown or, if other income permits, flexi-access.

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